What is love to an era engulfed by multidimensional industry

plants. The idea of raw talent diminishes by the inner workings

of paid media strategies and marketing scandals. 

Bottom line — sex sells .

What is a trend, but the strive to be another’s fantasy.

What is Instagram, but a mood and a feeling.

To A.I. generated algorithms, no idea is new, no idea is precious.

What works for some, works against others.

This collection was built around surrendering to the current.

We’re entering the conversation — ASLAN World . 

Introducing FASTCORE- Pierced stainless steel metal Alphabet rings, spiked ballet flats, embellished and studded chunky earrings, necklaces and belts find placement amongst the brand’s eccentric signature gloves and tie accessories.

Prolonged exposure to oversaturated and underappreciated elements of our everyday environment forces a reexamination of why we’ve aligned ourselves with the things that we think define us- ASLAN World seeks to uniquely curate a collection of metal wear objects in response to modern ethereality and observation – This is a study- one that connects the idea of dream and fantasy with the everyday world; the balance between survival and play.

About ASLAN World: 

ASLAN World gained attention from working with Maluma and Donatella Versace for the MET Gala displaying a 14k gold glove. Most recently the brand collaborated with Future on his Superhero (Heroes & Villains) Music Video, Coca Cola’s commercial for the FIFA World Cup, and Halle Bailey’s cover of The Face Magazine. ASLAN proceeded to create custom pieces for celebrity clientele such as Rico Nasty, Noah Cyrus, Korn, Avril Lavigne, Halsey, Phillip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire, Jaden smith, Willow Smith, Black Eyed Peas and many more. 

Campaign Credits: 

Creative director and stylist: CJ Aslan 

Photography Adam Moody

Stills / camcorder Sasha Rodionov CJ Aslan

Models Amber Propper  Jessica Propper Daniel Harper  

Makeup by Selena Ruiz  

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