Established in 2010 by award-winning designer Aries Sin Mei-Yuk, MODEMENT is a Hong Kong-based fashion label that pioneers sustainable and neutral fashion. The brand adopts a zero-waste approach to creation, with all garments made in Hong Kong from natural, sustainable materials. Since the first collection debuted at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2013, MODEMENT has been showcased at Milan Fashion Week in 2017 and Paris Fashion Week in 2018. The MODEMENT Atelier is the exquisite workmanship from the “Future Weaver”. 

The “Future Weaver” workshop is a weaving workshop composed of fashion designers and traditional craftsmen. It interprets craftsmanship from a new perspective when exquisite handcraft culture meets the concept of sustainable development, it is not only a collision of inspiration, but also a fusion between traditional craftsmanship and natural environmental protection. At present, MODEMENT Atelier cooperates with many non-profit organizations and has developed an art healing system exclusive. Through teaching skills and product repurchase, it enhances the art healing atmosphere to helps groups with special difficulties get practical help in life and soul. Grounded in the values of acceptance, diversity and global citizenship, MODEMENT shows that fashion is an attitude, and is defined by the interaction between wearer and garment. Each piece we create rises above seasonal influences to embody timeless expressions of individuality. Unique silhouettes and innovative fabric technologies empower our wearers to be their most authentic selves “Functionality is liberating. Sustainability is the future.” 


“Chik Mat” is the Cantonese pronunciation of the two words “plants and texture”. During this event, MODEMENT launched their Atelier series in public, in order to praise the extreme craftmanship arts. The brand believes that plants and the texture are fragile and tough and flowing freely just as alive, the designer will present three traditional handicraft techniques to the public, namely “Pattern Weaving “Grid Weaving” and “SAORI Weaving”. A unique design system has been created through the integration of techniques, combined with the “Sustainable Cutting” cutting form to point out the sustainable concept of the brand, showing the brand’s original handicraft techniques to the public in the form of workshops. 

MODEMENT Fall/Winter 2023 takes “a breath of fresh” as the point, using upcycled fabrics through traditional embroidery methods, reproduced the shapes and textures of plants such as moss and cherry blossoms, “planted materials on different clothes to represent the “freshness” and “growing”. In order to create a concept that seems fragile but extremely powerful. The classic series are all based on the design of “zero-waste” focusing on simple lines and neutral style, interpreting the meaning of being freedom” by using its signature natural materials, including silk, or-ganza, linen and cotton. Alongside this, it has used leftover materials to create its signature woven lace while pioneering new techniques for upcycling and zero-consumption, restoring fabrics to rebirth. Enhance the brand’s handmade tradition and sustainable philosophy.


7 days in one life

Inspired from its poetic life of “Usuzumi no Sakura / 淡墨櫻” , a kind of cherry blossom in pink to white and when it falls in light ink colour, with only 7 days flowering period. Beauty is not about forever, it is the moment that stays in the heart.

Its beautiful colour changes reflected in the colour with Japanese heritage influences like straight silhouette and the touch of kimono details. The collection brings peaceful mood and subtle details to Spring Summer 2023, expressing a freshly new season as a new born after untied from pandemic.

Functionality is liberating. Sustainability is the future. MODEMENT adopts a zero-waste approach to creation, and our signature minimalistic, gender-neutral designs are made with natural materials, such as jacquard silk organza, cotton pleated and hand-woven fabric for this season. We also embrace the poetic scene of falling of “Usuzumi no Sakura / 淡墨櫻”, mixing with embroidery and weaving skill to create brand new details by using leftover materials. Modernize traditional crafts and express them in a new format. As a bridge between history and present, art and body, time and human.

MODEMENT connects with time and fashion, challenges its timeless possibility with people and releases the concept of gender. Grounded in the values of acceptance, diversity and global citizenship, MODEMENT shows that fashion is an attitude, not a gender—and is defined by the interaction between wearer and garment.


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