In the eyes of international fashion designer KavenLiu, clothing is not only the stitching of fabrics but also the interweaving of body curves and inspiration. Each design element interprets the designer’s unique insights into the work. DIMOR has been invited again to participate in the New York Fashion Week NOLCHA SHOWS, the 2022 Sping & Summer on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Designer Kaven Liu follows the usual high-level design, combined with the current background, and interprets design philosophy with love. The opening debut will directly lead the 2022 international fashion trends. Kaven Liu DIMOR uses the concept of “liberalization” and “sense of belonging” as the brand concept. Style replaces the trend as his design philosophy, and the combination of comfort and aesthetic compatibility conveys the pursuit and love of modern women for the quality of life.

Nolcha Shows NYFW Spring Summer 2022 KAVENLIU DIMOR

Nolcha Shows NYFW Spring Summer 2022 KAVENLIU DIMOR
Nolcha Shows NYFW Spring Summer 2022 KAVENLIU DIMOR

Born in 1982, in the city of Panjin of Liaoning Province, Kaven Liu committed wholeheartedly to the dream of the creation of beauty as early as he took his brst handwork class and learned how to clip, crop and collage at elementary school. Although Kaven came from a modest family background, he has never gave up his dream of becoming an artist and designer. After graduating from college, he became a stylist and makeup artist, which paved the way for the designer brand he established 17 years later – it helped him understand the industry from all aspects of fashion. With years of experience in the fashion industry and great enterprising spirit, Kaven Liu DIMOR, the brand he founded also represents the chic, classy and niche style he upholds in his work and family. Often referred to himself as the magician of beauty, Liu’s design transcends the limitation between tradition andfashion, emphasizes the fusion of the East and the West and redefines the Chinese fashion with the mission to create “neo-Chinese chic”.


How did your passion for design begin, and how did your creative process proceed?

KavenLiu: I was a well-known stylist before. I have been in this industry for more than ten years. When I was in the industry for 7.8 years, my requirements for beauty were no longer limited to makeup and styling. I began to focus on clothing, colors, collocations and accessories. This is my original intention for costume design. The difference from other designers may be that I am from an aesthetic background, but I changed from a makeup brush to a paintbrush. In many of my creative processes, I use character characters as the theme, just like the brand spirit “every second in life is a scene”, the themes of previous works: “Day”, “Encounter of Romance”, “Parallel World” “Multiple space” and “spatial geometry” all take people as the inner beauty, and the scene as the visual beauty, both of which are thoughts in the creative process.

How do you think the fashion industry is helping independent designers?

KavenLiu: Fashion has created different opportunities and opportunities for designers, with more diverse ways of presentation.

Can you tell us some references and inspirations about your clothing?

KavenLiu: People are the inner beauty, and the scene is the visual beauty.

Can you describe the character of your client in a few sentences?

KavenLiu: Successful women with unique beauty, fashion workers and some celebrities are all people who have relatively high requirements for beauty.

Nolcha Shows NYFW Spring Summer 2022 KAVENLIU DIMOR
Nolcha Shows NYFW Spring Summer 2022 KAVENLIU DIMOR
Nolcha Shows NYFW Spring Summer 2022 KAVENLIU DIMOR

What do you think is your best-selling work?

KavenLiu: The celebrity haute couture series, many celebrities wear clothes I designed.

What do you think of the opportunities to sell and display your work on digital platforms? Do you think this will be a good platform to showcase your work?

KavenLiu: This is a good opportunity. Today is the Internet age. Digital platforms can allow more people to see and understand my designs and works. This will be a big stage.

What does the fashion industry need to grow, and what can be done better?

KavenLiu: Experience is essential, of course, you must have your own unique insights and ideas.

As a designer, what is your long-term goal? What is your main task?

KavenLiu: The long-term goal is to have a deeper level of practice in the design industry. The main task is to contribute to the fashion industry and pass on my own accumulated aesthetic experience for many years to more people who pursue beauty. I hope to make women through my design and packaging. Be more confident and find your own uniqueness.

Can you tell us what the next project is?

KavenLiu: I want to try the creation and design of accessories, such as bags and more. These are necessary items related to clothing. The collection of these talents is called a complete outfit.


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