A still life shoot that puts in focus female oppression, a still recuring topic in every women’s life, even in the 21st centry.The choice of making it a still life and using a hanger instead of a model was due to the fact that models are treat- ed like hangers and objecti- fies constantly in the fashion industry. Also the topic of my final thesis. That is one of the many ways in which females are treated daily.As both of the creatives involved are women, all the quotes and graphics are based on personal feelings and stories.This editorial is also a collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Design graduates Martina Cambruzzi and Anita Panzeri.

Styling and creative direction: Anna Kossmann & Elena Von Schlenk @annak_style @elenavonschlenk   

Collaborative designers: Anitta Panzeri & Martina Cambruzzi @martinacambruzzi @anitisha 


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